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Identifying and treating atopic dermatitis in children

Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, is the most common dermatological condition in kids under ten. This chronic condition affects over 10% of children, and causes dry and itchy skin. Here’s what you need to know: What causes atopic dermatitis in children? The exact cause of atopic…


Abarca Health: Identifying and treating atopic dermatitis in children

Top 5 questions to ask your PBM

1. What do you think is broken about the PBM business model, and how is your approach different? At Abarca, we think there is a lot that is broken with the PBM model. For example, many PBMs use outdated technology which hinders innovation and contributes to a poor customer experience. A lack of…


Abarca Heealth - Top 5 Questions to Ask Your PBM

Jason Borschow qualified as an Endeavor Outlier

SAN JUAN, PR -- Jason Borschow, President and CEO of Abarca, has qualified as an Endeavor Outlier, an exclusive global group of high-impact entrepreneurs from the prestigious Endeavor, a global network with the mission of unlocking the transformational power of entrepreneurship by selecting,…


Abarca Health: Jason Borschow qualified as an Endeavor Outlier

Introducing Abarca’s new pharmacy portal

Pharmacists and their teams play a critical role in member health. However, making a meaningful impact requires access to advanced tools and timely resources.  That’s why Abarca has launched a brand new pharmacy portal. This convenient, centralized, one-stop platform will simplify the…


Introducing Abarca’s new pharmacy portal

Abarca welcomes new Vice Presidents of Product and Sales

We are thrilled to introduce two new members of the Abarca family. Paul Chan has joined as Abarca’s Vice President, Product. A 14-year veteran of the PBM industry, Paul has a proven track record of innovation, and brings a hands-on approach to leadership and a passion for data-driven decision…


Abarca welcomes new Vice Presidents of Product and Sales: Paul Chan and Jesse Ruzicka.

Remote work, one year later

It is hard to believe it’s been more than a year since the COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. We entered this challenging time under a cloud of uncertainty and anxiety around what might happen next. What was the best way to avoid getting COVID? How long would schools be closed? Where can I get…


Abarca Health: What we learned from remote work

COVID-19 vaccines in retail pharmacies

In early February, the Biden administration announced the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program for COVID-19 Vaccinations to increase access to vaccines across the country. Here’s what you need to know: What is the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program for COVID-19 Vaccinations? This program is a…


Abarca Health: COVID-19 vaccines in retail pharmacies

Recapping AMCP 2021

Last week,  our team joined leaders from across healthcare at the AMCP 2021 virtual conference. This year, the event focused on the future of managed care pharmacy in the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. In particular, the sessions examined topics ranging from rising drug costs to emerging…


Abarca Health: Emerging trends from AMCP 2021

Poison Awareness & Prevention Tips

Abarcans want to bring awareness to how we can all be more conscious of poison prevention at home, especially for our young ones. Did you know that nearly 3 million people, many of which are under the age of 5, have had contact or swallow a poisonous substance each year? We’ve seen that most of…


Abarca Health Poison Prevention & Treatment Tips

The evolving role of pharmacists

Pharmacists may very well be the unsung heroes of healthcare. In reality, they play a critical role in providing access to medications as well as administering care. Recently, their role has become even more important. Here’s a look at two of the changes that have taken place, and what they…


Abarca Health: The Evolving Role of Pharmacists

What is a twindemic?

2020 brought a lot of firsts in healthcare and, as we enter into flu season amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are faced with the potential of another one: a twindemic. Here’s what you need to know: What is a twindemic? The “twindemic,” a term likely coined by the New York Times,…


Abarca Health: What is a twindemic?

The impact of Better Care

2020 was a challenging year for people around the world. But, in times like these, our company has discovered that we can actually lift ourselves up by serving others in need. For the past few years, our company, Abarca, has had several occasions to put this into practice. It started with…


Abarca Health: The Impact of Better Care

The meaning of love

We’ve heard it countless times: Healthcare is broken in the US. It costs too much; it is overly complex; and we are no healthier and we live no longer than people who live in other countries where it costs a lot less. At Abarca, our team is composed of people with diverse experiences across…


Abarca Health treats their people with love and care.

Like Family values

When you compare corporate values that are held up by many healthcare organizations, you will see a lot of repetition. Words like honesty, integrity, accountability, and teamwork find their way onto a seemingly endless number of websites and job descriptions. Objectively, these are admirable…


Abarca Health is living their values in healthcare.

Delivering real value in Medicaid

THE CHALLENGE For a Medicaid Program that receives one of the lowest federal reimbursements in the nation, specialty drug costs are an exceptional burden. To help this program navigate a challenging financial environment, Abarca partnered with pharmaceutical manufacturer Biogen Inc. in 2017 to…


Abarca delivers real value in Medicaid

What is Medicare?

Abarca has deep experience serving public and private sector organizations, including Medicare and Commercial Health Plans, Self Insured Employers, State Medicaid Programs, and Large Insurers and PBMs. We understand the Medicare patient’s unique needs and have been recognized and rewarded for our…


Abarca Health: What is Medicare?

An introduction to biosimilars

Biologic therapies provide life-saving treatments to patients with chronic conditions. However, they are also among the country’s most expensive medications. While just 2% of the US patient population uses biologics, they account for 26% percent of the nation’s total prescription drug spending,…



Strengthening Abarca’s internal structure

We’re making good on our promise to provide a smarter platform, a better experience, and a higher standard. PBMs and plans across the country are now experiencing what we call “PBM Awesome,” and demand for our solutions is on the rise. To continue to enhance and evolve our strategic vision,…


Abarca Health strengthens internal structure

Abarca teams up with Colegio de Farmacéticos de Puerto Rico to offer our first online continuing education course for community pharmacists

In the midst of the COVID-19 emergency and the end of National Pharmacists Week, Colegio de Farmacéticos de Puerto Rico officially launched its digital educational platform that is now available to its affiliated members. As the world faces one of the biggest health crisis of modern time, calling…


Abarca teams up with Colegio de Farmacéticos de Puerto Rico to offer our first online continuing education course for community pharmacists

CORONAVIRUS: What should I know?

Abarca goes all in to bring awareness to Covid-19 as reliable information becomes available, so that our communities may be prepared. Read on for valuable answers to FAQs about how it's spread, symptoms, and vital preventive measures that all of us should be aware of. Let's work together to be…


Abarca Health: What should I know about the Coronavirus?

Bold Move. Big Payoff.

PerformRx, one of the nation’s 10 largest PBMs, had a long tradition of innovation. 80% of the company’s staff are pharmacists or pharmacy technicians, so its bold approach has been particularly notable in clinical care. Then, the company decided to reimagine the technical infrastructure that…


Abarca Health_ How PerformRx transformed itself with a new technology platform and a seamless transition.

A Look Back at 2019

While there is never a bad time to be an Abarcan, 2019 was our best year yet. Here’s a look back at a few of our proudest moments: Employee-led initiatives. Abarca team members took the reins in creating exciting new programs that will make healthcare awesome for our clients and…


A Look Back at 2019: Abarca's Proudest Moments

Abarca presented at PerformRx's annual conference, Innovations XIII, on the importance of technology in PBM services

NAPA, CA – Abarca presented at PerformRx's annual conference Innovations XIII, at the Meritage Resort and Spa in beautiful Napa, California. This year's event was especially momentous as PerformRx celebrated its 20th anniversary. Jason Borschow, Abarca's CEO, joined Mesfin Tegenu, president of…


Darwin_Abarca_The Importance of Technology in PBM Services_Jason Borschow_Mesfin Tegenu_PerformRx_Innovations XIII

4 Trends that will shape healthcare

Big changes are coming for the PBM industry, and we think it’s about time. Here are four key areas that could have a lasting impact: Rebates have always been a part of how PBMs do business—but these transactions as we know them may be coming to an end. The Trump Administration has…


4 Trends That Will Shape Healthcare

Biosimilars and bad behavior

Specialty medications used to treat cancer, hepatitis, and other complicated diseases are among the greatest drivers of healthcare costs in the US. And while these medications represent a very small percentage of the total number of prescriptions written, they account for more than half of all…


Abarca Health: Biosimilars and Bad Behavior

Lessons learned from Hurricane Maria

In 2017, Hurricane Maria shook Puerto Rico. The storm damaged at least 70,000 homes, tested the island’s infrastructure, and took too many lives. As one of the leading PBMs serving health plans in Puerto Rico, Abarca knew that we had at least two critical responsibilities: provide all the help we…


Abarca Health: Lessons learned from Hurricane Maria

A Better Way for Members

Why can’t healthcare be awesome? At Abarca, finding a way to improve the member experience isn’t something we strive for, it’s something we live for. Members see our dedication to delivering a better experience in our everyday interactions as well as our more customized services. Take, for…


Abarca Health: A Better Way for Members

A Better Way in Drug Contracting

Value and outcomes-based contracting models are getting a lot of attention these days, and for good reason. Unlike the one-size-fits-all pricing of the past, these approaches tie the ultimate price of a drug to factors such as whether the medication worked as planned, or whether it was cost…


Abarca Health: A Better Way in Drug Contracting

Abarca Named Power 100 Company by Caribbean Business

Abarca is honored to be selected by Caribbean Business as a Power 100 company. We strive to be a PBM that is unlike any other organization, with a smarter technology platform, a better experience to consumers and healthcare payers, and a higher standard of transparency. “I’m thrilled that…


Abarca Health Named Power 100 Company by Caribbean Business

Abarca Receives URAC Accreditation Score of 100%

Washington, D.C.— Abarca is proud to announce it has been again awarded URAC’s Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) Accreditation. This designation was given in recognition of Abarca’s high clinical, quality, and service standards. After undergoing URAC’s rigorous evaluation process, Abarca…


Abarca Health Receives URAC Accreditation Score of 100%

What Amazon Can Really Deliver

The healthcare news has been abuzz with reports that Amazon, the company that upended the retail, publishing, movies, groceries, and countless other industries is now taking on the drug distribution channel. Think of the companies that Amazon has disrupted out of business (remember Borders?…


Abarca Health: What Amazon Can Really Deliver

Carving Out Prescription Benefits

THE CHALLENGE A division of a Fortune 200 drug maker relied on a respected health plan for both medical and pharmacy benefits for several years. But as the group grew and the cost of the drug benefits increased, they considered contracting separately or carving out, pharmacy components of the…


Abarca Health: Carving Out Prescription Benefits

Abarca earns accreditation score of 100% from URAC

San Juan, PR – Abarca is proud to announce that it has been awarded URAC’s Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) Accreditation as of October 1, 2014. As a URAC-accredited organization, Abarca demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and quality healthcare in its PBM business. After…


Abarca Health earns accreditation score of 100% from URAC

Abarca expands the rollout of RxTarget quality network

San Juan, PR - Abarca is pleased to announce the extended rollout of the RxTarget Quality Network, a specially selected network of quality pharmacy providers dedicated to using information technology to improve health outcomes in their communities. By partnering with Abarca, network pharmacies…


Abarca Health expands the rollout of RxTarget quality network