See You at Oasis! Welcome All Abarcans

Feb 2, 2024

At Abarca, innovation and collaboration are fundamental to our success, and where better to foster this than in our new offices in Santurce? Our space at Oasis 1606, on the vibrant Ponce de León Avenue, eagerly awaits the energy and creativity of all of you, our spectacular team.

Why Return to the Office?

The pandemic changed the way the world operates. Remote or hybrid work became the ‘new normal,’ but there’s something special about sharing a physical space. Working together in our offices not only strengthens professional bonds but also improves our mental health. Face-to-face interaction, shared laughter, and real-time collaboration are incomparable benefits of actual face time.

Workplace Well-being

The office in Santurce has been designed with your comfort and well-being in mind. From open spaces to cubicles and collaborative areas, this new environment fosters a dynamic culture. Plus, we are surrounded by culinary options, art galleries, and museums – perfect for a well-deserved break during the day!

Elevated Productivity and Morale

Working from the office is not only beneficial for mental health but also boosts productivity. In-person collaboration allows for smoother and more efficient communication. Moreover, who wouldn’t be inspired surrounded by the artistic and creative spirit of Santurce?

Oasis Culture Will Be Unique!

Stay tuned to our social media! We’ll be sharing more about Oasis 1606 on our Instagram, Facebook, and blog for all of you. We’re also planning fun activities and dynamics for everyone. Don’t miss out!

In summary, the office in Santurce is more than a workplace; it’s a space to connect, create, and thrive. So, Abarcans, see you at Oasis and discover all that Santurce has to offer! Coordinate with your immediate teams to meet on-site several times a week and maximize your time or have lunch with people you haven’t had the chance to get to know.

Come visit your new home at 1606 Ponce de León Av.

Let’s Go Forward!