Abarca Announces its Better Care Program Participants

Community projects dedicated to improving the quality of life of 8,000 people island wide

San Juan, PR – More than 8,000 people will benefit from projects led by the four non-profit organizations that we at Abarca collectively selected as partners of our Better Care Community Program. The innovative program supports the efforts of health-related nonprofits that work to improve the quality of life of communities island wide.

After evaluating proposals from 50 applicant organizations, we Abarcans voted to select Consejo Renal de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Renal Council), Ciencia Puerto Rico (Science Puerto Rico), Hogar Albergue para Niños Jesús de Nazareth (Jesus of Nazareth Shelter and Home for Children) and Hogar Infantil Jesús Nazareno (Nazarene Jesus Children’s Home) as beneficiaries of the program, which will allow the organizations to carry out projects to improve the health and wellbeing of the people they serve in Puerto Rico.

“At Abarca we are continuously challenging ourselves to do things differently and this program is no exception. These four organizations share our commitment to find a better way to deliver healthcare to communities and I believe we will do so together,” said Jason Borschow, President and CEO of Abarca.

We at Abarca are excited to collaborate with Ciencia Puerto Rico in their “Seeds of Success” initiative, a program that will give 100 high school girls the opportunity to explore STEM careers along with “Borinqueñas,” women with distinguished careers in science, technology, math and health. Through workshops and a scientific divulgation project they must conduct with a mentor, the girls will explore STEM and health disciplines, practice their leadership skills and help positively impact another 3,000 girls throughout the island.

With Consejo Renal de Puerto Rico, Abarcans will support the update of an electronic platform that allows clinical laboratories throughout the island to be interconnected so they can report renal function data obtained from the Glomerular Filtration index, as well as add a function to generate maps with the registered data for the benefit of epidemiology reports.

For Hogar Albergue para Niños Jesús de Nazareth and Hogar Infantil Jesús Nazareno, our Better Care Community Program will provide medical equipment for an onsite clinic, as well as allocate pediatrician’s fees to care for participating children, respectively.

Abarca’s President & CEO, Jason Borschow and President of the Better Care Committee, Nayda Rivera, stand proudly alongside the leaders of the four non-profit organizations that will be participating in our #BetterCare Community Program.

Through the Better Care Community Program, which was designed and will be managed entirely by all of us at Abarca, the four organizations will receive funding and consistent volunteer support during the next three years. Our choosing of the organizations was based on their potential impact on the community, their alignment with our fundamental values, and the volunteering opportunities presented for Abarcans.

“The Better Care Community Program is a valuable opportunity for our company to place our resources and competencies at the service of projects with the potential to significantly improve the health and quality of life of many people. We are very impressed with these organizations’ commitment to their communities and we look forward to helping them exceed their goals,” Nayda Rivera, Abarcan pharmacist and President of the Better Care Committee.

The Abarcan team and the #BetterCare Community finalists are excited to work together in bringing a better way in healthcare to Puerto Rico’s communities.

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