Discover Santurce: 10 Must-Try Cafés and Eateries near Oasis 1606

Mar 6, 2024

Dear Abarcans,

Warning ahead! This handy guide was crafted only for those who love leisurely strolls, delicious, hearty bites, and only the best coffee that this world has to offer (local coffee, of course!) 


As we continue to settle into our new oasis at Oasis 1606, there’s no better time to explore the vibrant food scene that surrounds our new home. ‘Cause let’s face it, many of us start thinking about lunch the second we sit at our workstation. Whether you’re craving a cozy cup of coffee to kickstart your morning or seeking your new signature lunch spot to refuel during your workday, Santurce has it all – at walking distance from our Oasis no less. 

Here are 10+ coffee, breakfast, and lunch spots within walking distance from our new, dynamic offices:

Café Comunión
Address: 1616 PR-25
(Approximately 1 minute)

Experience the true spirit of local coffee at Café Comunión. With its warm, inviting atmosphere, convenient proximity to Oasis, and spectacular backyard area, we have a feeling it will become a staple amongst Abarcans. They also offer classes, which could be a fun group option to check out in groups!


Más Café
Address: 1558 PR-25
(Approximately 1 minute)

This spectacular restaurant is the definition of a hidden gem. But it’s hidden in plain sight! Only a minute’s walk from Oasis, Más Café offers the tastiest, most delicious comida criolla or local food that Santurce has to offer. Order the pechuga empanada with rice & beans and amarillos, or grab a fruit smoothie to go. We promise this spot will become one of your instant favorites.

Paolo’s Playhouse
Address: Calle Hoare #143
(Approximately 2 minutes)

Check out Paolo’s Playhouse, a queer-friendly, tiny nook in the streets of Santurce. It’s a perfect little coffee and pastry shop at only a short walk away from Oasis. Grab an iced coffee, smoothie, or a delicious tea!

Ciudadela: The Village & La Carreta
Address: Calle San Jorge #150, Ciudadela
(Approximately 2 minutes)

Ciudadela boasts a few options for breakfast and lunch, including La Carreta and The Village. Both eclectic eateries offer diverse flavors and plentiful options. La Carreta (@lacarreta_ciudadela) hosts more of a sit-down environment in the beautiful Ciudadela plaza, with tapas, chicken, fish, and drinks for after work!

The Village has something to satisfy every craving, literally. From an açai cold bar, pizza station, burrito bar, soups, sushi, breakfast, and beyond, The Village is likely your best shot when you’re not sure what to get. And grab a birthday cake or flowers at Pueblo Supermarket, home of The Village!

Abracadabra Counter Café
Address: 1661 Av. Juan Ponce de León
(Approximately 3 minutes)

Prepare to be enchanted by Abracadabra, a whimsical café that delights the senses with its imaginative menu and playful ambiance. From artisanal sandwiches to spectacular coffee, and more, Abracadabra offers an experience that’s as Instagram-worthy as it is delicious.

Sobao Bakery & Restaurant
Address: Centro Europa
(Approximately 4 minutes)

Indulge your sweet tooth with a visit to Sobao, a charming bakery that specializes in traditional Puerto Rican pastries with a modern twist. From buttery, flaky croissants to pillowy soft pastries filled with creamy custard, every treat at Sobao is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Puerto Rico.

Hacienda San Pedro
Address: Calle Amapola #259
(Approximately 5 minutes)

Step into this quaint café and breathe in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and warm pastries. Whether you opt for their signature espresso blend or indulge in a flaky croissant, each bite and sip at Hacienda San Pedro is a welcome break.

Los Monkeys Santurce
Address: 316 Avenida José de Diego
(Approximately 5 minutes)

Los Monkeys is the quintessential burger joint, offering an irresistible menu of gourmet burgers, crispy fries, and an eclectic beer selection. It’s the perfect spot for a casual lunch or an after-work gathering, where the vibe is as vibrant as the flavors on your plate.

Address: 318 Avenida José de Diego
(Approximately 5 minutes)

Calling all veggie lovers! VegAND is your go-to destination for fresh, flavorful plant-based fare that’s as satisfying as it is nutritious. Whether you’re a committed vegan or simply looking to incorporate more plant-based options into your diet, VegAND has something for everyone to enjoy.

Callejeros @ Santurce
Address: 318, 2 calle De Diego
(Approximately 5 minutes)

Callejeros celebrates the vibrant flavors of Mexico with a menu brimming with authentic dishes and innovative takes on classics. This lively spot is ideal for anyone craving a good ol’ classic Mexican delight, offering everything from spicy tacos to refreshing margaritas in a colorful and inviting setting.


With so many incredible options to choose from, exploring the culinary delights of Santurce is sure to be an adventure to remember. Whether you’re craving a cozy cup of coffee, a hearty breakfast, or a satisfying lunch, these spots offer something for everyone to enjoy. Grab your coworkers, lace up your walking shoes, and get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other. The flavors of Santurce await—let’s dive in and discover them together!

See you at Oasis!