A Better Way for Members

Oct 1, 2018

Why can’t healthcare be awesome? At Abarca, finding a way to improve the member experience isn’t something we strive for, it’s something we live for.

Members see our dedication to delivering a better experience in our everyday interactions as well as our more customized services. Take, for example, call center wait times. While the industry average is two minutes, ours wait is only seconds. Our abandonment rate, which reflects the number of people who hang up before having their question answered, is twice as low as the industry average.

Our members also see advantages in important clinical services.  Medication therapy and adherence management programs that help ensure people stick to their prescribed regiments are customized, friendly, and effective.  We process prior authorization requests quickly and with fewer hassles and heartaches, so people don’t experience frustrating delays and gaps in care while they wait for an approval.

If you know Abarca, you know that we are a technology company at heart, and we harness the power of Darwin, our smarter platform, to deliver a better member experience, as well.  The MyBenefits Member Portal allows members to access everything they need with the click of a mouse.

A good member experience isn’t rocket science–and it shouldn’t be treated that way. Interested in learning more about what Abarca does for members? Contact us.  


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