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Abarca has deep experience serving public and private sector organizations, including: Medicare and Commercial Health Plans, Self Insured Employers, State Medicaid Programs, and Large Insurers and PBMs.

Medicare & Commercial

Medicare and Commercial Health Plans

Achieving 5-stars in Part D requires the right clinical programs, formulary, rebate management, finely tuned quality measurement, worry-free CMS compliance, and audit support. Our award-winning track record in Part D plans speaks for itself.
Medicaid Plans

Medicaid Plans and State Government

Medicaid and state government programs are drowning in a sea of red tape, budget cuts, policy uncertainty, and upheaval. Regulations to prevent fraud, maintain quality, and control costs, add paperwork and risk to plan sponsors. We understand. We have helped programs successfully navigate some of the most significant regulatory, financial, and demographic challenges in the nation.
Large Insurers Insured

Large Insurers and PBMs

Many legacy PBMs developed their platforms a decade or more ago, and have stuck with them. This means that for large insurers and PBMs looking for a platform to utilize, the options are limited and generally outdated, inflexible, and unfriendly. We don’t think like a legacy PBM and Darwin™, our smarter platform, proves it. We built Darwin™ in-house from scratch and designed it to be modern, flexible, intuitive, and powerful.
Self Insured Employer insurer

Self-Insured Employer Groups

We designed our PBM carve-out services to be convenient and uncomplicated while providing employers with greater control over plan design, costs, and the member experience.
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