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We deliver a better healthcare experience for private and public sector plans, PBMs, and self-insured employers.

Medicare Advantage &
Part D Plans

Healthcare regulations and market dynamics are constantly changing. Achieving 5-stars in Part D requires the right clinical, formulary, rebate, quality, and audit programs. To control costs, we offer aggressive guarantees, advanced drug trend management programs, and an innovative specialty pharmacy strategy. Our team and technology adapt and provide smarter and fast analytics to keep payers compliant and competitive. And our track record speaks for itself.

Medicaid & State Government Plans

Medicaid and state government plans are facing tight budgets, policy uncertainty, and rapid change. Regulations to prevent fraud, maintain quality, and control costs, add paperwork and risk for plan sponsors. We understand. We help Medicaid and state programs navigate regulatory, financial, and demographic challenges while delivering a best-in-class experience to members.

Large Insurers & PBMs

Darwin™ — our advanced PBM platform — was built in-house to be intelligent, flexible, and user-friendly, allowing complex benefit designs to be implemented without needless delays or costs. From individual a la carte technology and services, to aggressive rebates and pharmacy network guarantees, we offer plans and PBMs flexible, best-in-class solutions.

Self-Insured Employers & Labor Groups

Employers deserve to know how much they are paying for PBM services. That is why we leverage network pass-through and rebate designs to ensure payers are only charged the amount we remit to the pharmacy. This reduces drug prices and provides employers greater control over their plan design, costs, and member experience.

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