The Fit Master Challenge: physical health and mindfulness go hand in hand

The Fit Master challenge is a wellness initiative offered through the Abarcan Care benefits platform with the sole purpose of promoting healthy life habits and improve physical and emotional well being.

The twelve-week challenge encourages a better way to work together, connect with others, and spread healthy living choices through new perspectives aimed to shift the way people live based on their personal goals rather than strict and limiting rules. The Fit Master program guides participants to find better ways to develop and maintain healthy eating habits, weight loss, and increased physical activity that benefits them in the short term, as well as in the long run.

Abarcans participating in the Abarca Care Wellness program_Fit Master
As part of the Abarca Care Fit Master initiative for healthier living, Abarcans participated in the 5K Banco Popular race to benefit the Pediatric Diabetes Foundation.

The Fit Master program is built on mindfulness components designed to push Abarcans to step outside of their comfort zone through interactive, motivating and fun challenges, and are fueled by a vision that a fit body and a fit heart, results in a fit mind. 

The three Fit Master challenge components are:

Fit Heart: Starts with nutrition sessions given by our partner Triple-S Salud that educate on how to read nutrition labels better, assess weekly nutrition habits, and set daily exercise goals, among others.
Fit Body: Including fitness orientations offered by Planet Fitness on how to choose the right gym and getting informed on the myths and errors of physical training, participation in Fit Camp activities including outdoor and indoor boot camps, and receiving on-going mentorship from support groups.
Fit Mind: Comprised of motivational activities such as teaching visualization as a tool to reach personal goals, support groups, and Relaxation Fridays where participants are recognized for their efforts and rewarded with massages.

“Abarcans are a diverse group coming from all different ways of life. With that said, there is no one size fits all wellness formula that can be applied. Through Fit Master, we give participants the tools to create their own formula based on their specific goals and expectations,” said Mercibel Gonzalez, VP of Talent Strategy at Abarca. “Yes. We believe healthy Abarcans make a healthy company, but what’s more, we believe a healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind.”

Abarcans for healthier living_Fit Master wellness initiative through Abarca Care
Abarcans going #Allin at a Fit Camp activity led by Spartan Fit.

The Fit Master program is aligned with Abarca’s core value to finding a better way and will pave the road for future wellness programs. It is more than just an initiative but a safe place where Abarcans can come together to support and motivate one another toward conquering their fears and reaching their fitness and wellness goals. We believe health and mindfulness are contagious. Join Abarca in this movement to live healthier and happier lives.

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