Abarca Continues to Strengthen their Commitment to Cyber Security Preparedness

Dec 9, 2017

San Juan, PR – Adriana Ramirez, Abarca’s Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, participated in the 6th Annual Cyber Forum: Cyber ​​Risks … Meeting the Challenges, Monitoring Risks hosted by the Association of Certified Public Accountants of Puerto Rico. Adriana was a featured speaker on the panel titled “We have been breached …. Now, what?” where she discussed best practices for responding when an organization is compromised.

Earlier in the day, the panelists participated in a tabletop exercise that tested their responses to a cyber crisis. Among other takeaways, Adriana stressed the importance of teamwork and clear communication when responding to a breach.

“Responding to a breach is like putting together a puzzle, and everyone is responsible for a piece,” said Adriana. “At Abarca, our process and preparedness plans are very clear, allowing us to resolve and report on issues quickly while staying open with our clients. We know that incidents happen, and we believe that they must be addressed head-on.”

For Abarca, staying on the cutting edge of compliance and incident preparation and management is imperative. In participating in this event, Adriana was able to share her broad experience in the area, part of having a higher standard, and learn from what others have experienced as well.

“Data security and compliance are a very fast-moving field,” said Adriana. “You can never stop learning.”


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