The latest BCCP winner, Quantum House, is changing healthcare with Abarca

Mar 17, 2023

Quantum House offers Better Care through Abarca’s Social Responsibility Program to offer hope to families needing it most. 

Quantum House is a loving and supportive home. They offer a haven and lessen the burdens for families whose children receive treatment in Palm Beach County for severe medical conditions. For this reason and more, we’re elated to announce that Quantum House is the latest recipient of Abarca’s Social Responsibility Program, the BCCP, which supports non-profit organizations and research programs in Puerto Rico and Florida.

The House has served over 6,781 families, offered 4,823 stays, and has hosted 327 volunteers. Families that turn to them come from different backgrounds and challenges and make incredible sacrifices for their children to get better. House volunteers and ambassadors bring joy to patients with their love, hospitality, and unconditional support–in addition to offering dog therapy, which has been proven to decrease symptoms of depression in patients. 

Despite its benefits and incredible work, the House had to reduce its capacity by 50% in 2020. This comes as shocking news, and leaders ask the community to help them in whatever way possible. 

Their dedication to relieving the stress and financial burden that comes with the trauma of illness, injury, and having your child sick is unparalleled. Even when guests are asked to help pay a nominal fee for operation costs, no one is turned away if they cannot afford to. The House serves families worldwide regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, religion, or socioeconomic background.

This project is led by outstanding leaders such as Samantha Durkee, Jody Memmer, Stephanie Golub, and BCCP Committee Sponsor Maria Monserrate. With the help of Abarca, they are putting children first, speeding up their recovery, and offering significant emotional support during the healing process. 

Additionally, the House provides all the comforts of a home. It has over 30 family suites, kitchens, large dining areas, common areas like a dining patio, 2 playrooms, a large community living room, laundry facilities, a spacious outdoor veranda, an outdoor putting green and playground, a fitness center, and a beautiful walking trail. Working parents can access computers, printers, fax machines, and the internet.

The Better Care Community Program, Abarcans, and the Quantum House team are all dedicated to making healthcare seamless and personalized for everyone. The House is changing healthcare and improving the lives of those affected. 

Learn more about the Quantum House and how you can make a difference at: We hope their story inspires and encourages you to support the cause to help children and their families heal. Let’s make healthcare awesome for everyone!


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