2018 AMCP NEXUS Recap

Last week, our team attended the 2018 AMCP NEXUS conference in Orlando to introduce industry leaders to Darwin, learn new strategies to make healthcare awesome, and celebrate our new partnership with PerformRx!

From champagne toasts and fresh juices to demos and informational sessions, this was a fantastic trip for the Abarca team. See for yourself:

Celebrating the PerformRx partnership with Noel Ortiz, Director of Clinical Operations for PerformRx, Andrew Maiorini, VP of Clinical Programs for PerformRx, Susan Cantrell, CEO of AMCP, and Jason Borschow, CEO of Abarca


Cheers to Darwin, the smartest platform in the industry!


Ready for PBM Awesome? Francina Bonnelly, Abarca’s Manager of Clinical Products, introduces industry leaders to Darwin.


Purple was our favorite.


Ana Ramirez, Abarca’s Senior Clinical Client Advisor, shares our “better way” approach with guests.


Jason Borschow and Javier Gonzalez, Abarca’s COO, discuss what drives us: Making healthcare awesome.


Cheers to a great week, and a team on a mission

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