Maintaining medication adherence as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted

After approximately three months of quarantine, the US is beginning to reopen from the COVID-19 lockdowns. While there are many unknowns about our new normal, it is still critical that we stay vigilant about our health and safety.

As such, it has never been more important that members remain adherent to their treatment plans. Here are a few ways that health plans and PBMs can help:

  • Ensure access to 90-day supplies. Despite phased openings, some members may still be weary of making too many trips to public places. By ensuring access to 90-day supplies of medication, plans and PBMs can help members significantly reduce how often they need to go to the pharmacy, without impacting their medication access.
  • Medication synchronization. By allowing pharmacies to synchronize a member’s maintenance refills with other medications, members can obtain all of their medications in one pharmacy visit.
  • Early intervention. There are several indicators that show plans and PBMs if a member is at risk of discontinuing his or her treatment plan. By establishing guidelines within your organization that encourage early intervention, members can receive the support they need before their health has been compromised.
  • Engage pharmacists. Members interact with their pharmacist more regularly than any other healthcare provider. With this level of access, pharmacists play an essential role in improving medication adherence. Through RxTarget™, for example, Abarca enables pharmacists to track member behaviors in real-time and flags those in need of an intervention to improve their adherence.
  • Home delivery. Public health officials are still encouraging residents in many localities to stay home when possible. Home delivery programs, like Triple-S en Casa, allow members to manage, order, and receive their prescriptions while maintaining social distancing.

Though we are all still working to navigate the new post-COVID-19 world, Abarca’s dedication to our members and clients has never been stronger. By working together, and being willing to go off road, we can help ensure the ongoing health and safety of our members.

This blog was written by Ana M. Rivera PharmD, Clinical Programs Manager at Abarca.


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