An environment for innovation.

Jan 30, 2024

For many healthcare companies, innovation can be a challenge. Resources are constrained, infrastructure can be dated, and corporate cultures are risk averse.

When I joined Abarca, it was immediately clear that this was a different kind of company. Here, we’re not only looking for a better way – in technology, corporate culture, clinical services, payment models, everything – we’re enthusiastically emboldened to create it.

As an Abarcan, I know that I have the freedom to try, fail, break things, and forge new paths.

For example, while the industry largely uses excel sheets to calculate payment reimbursements, I saw an opportunity to make this process more efficient and reduce the risk of human error. With the encouragement of my team, I leveraged python, a sophisticated coding language, to develop an app that automates these calculations.

Today, our reimbursements are more accurate and timelier for all of our stakeholders, and we have the capability to model and project in a way that is creating other opportunities to improve our business processes and results.

Based on that success, we’re now evaluating how python can deliver a better way in other business areas – like underwriting, for example.

When I think about the advancements that need to be made in order for healthcare to be more seamless and personalized, I know that they will be pushed forward by organizations that are agile, powered by modern technology, and forward looking. And I am proud to be a member of that team.


This blog was written by Arturo Garcia, Pricing Informatics Manager.