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When you compare corporate values that are held up by many healthcare organizations, you will see a lot of repetition. Words like honesty, integrity, accountability, and teamwork find their way onto a seemingly endless number of websites and job descriptions.

Objectively, these are admirable traits. But, if every company claims to share the same values, it leaves at least one unanswered question: What do these companies really stand for?

As the healthcare industry faces unprecedented challenges, corporate culture can be a significant factor in an organization’s ability to adapt and survive.

Living our values

We founded Abarca to find a better way in healthcare, and in everything we do. That includes our approach to corporate culture. So, when it came time to solidify our values, we didn’t turn to the same overused playbook. We thought hard and looked at who we were and whom we aspired to become.

Ultimately, we solidified six distinct core values that define our identity and dictate how we operate and what we aim to deliver:

  • Humble Competence: Deliver what’s needed to execute, grounded in humility, and driven by purpose.
  • Fire In The Belly: Exude contagious passion, positive energy, and unrelenting will to succeed.
  • Off Road: Expand your comfort zone and explore bold new paths every day.
  • Like Family: Care for each other’s success as deeply as if it were your own.
  • All In: Live profoundly committed to building a better way together.
  • Shake It Off: Celebrate often, shrug off stumbles, laugh at ourselves, and have fun!

For corporate values to have meaning, we must live them. And that is what Abarca strives to do at every level of our organization.

In the fifteen years since our inception, this thinking has propelled us to many accomplishments, including the development of industry-leading technology, unheard-of levels of client retention, innovative approaches to drug contracting, award-winning clinical programs, and recognitions from within our industry and beyond.

But, at the end of the day, we still consider our culture to be our main differentiator and one of our biggest successes.

What our employees say

Recently, Abarca participated in a global employee engagement survey from Kincentric, a global HR and talent strategy firm that evaluates organizations based on employee feedback. And our results spoke volumes.

For example, 95% of Abarcans said that they would recommend Abarca as a great place to work. As a result of our high scores, we earned Kincentric’s Best Employer designation.

Earning this award means so much to our organization. It not only validates our approach to culture but demonstrates its impact. But the feedback we received from our Abarcans is what matters most. Every day, our team members dedicate themselves to improving the healthcare experience for our clients and members. And hearing that our values motivate them to do their best, and challenge them to go even further, is the greatest recognition we could receive.

This blog was written by Mercibel Gonzalez, VP, Talent Strategy at Abarca. 


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