Putting power in the hands of consumers

Thanks to user-friendly member tools, for the first time, individuals now have their prescription and coverage information in the palms of their hands.

These resources – like mobile apps and member portals – have become a critical piece of helping individuals reach and maintain medication adherence. They also represent an early step in making healthcare more seamless and personalized for everyone.

Here are a few of the ways consumer tools are facilitating a better healthcare experience:

  • More information, better conversations. Member tools give consumers the power to order, manage, and track their prescriptions. They also help individuals become better equipped to raise questions and have conversations with providers about their prescriptions, concerns, and barriers to adherence.
  • Reducing surprises at the pharmacy counter. 37% of Americans have reported not filling a prescription due to cost. Member tools give patients information about the cost of their medications and potential alternatives before they get to the pharmacy counter.
  • Beyond prescriptions. Some member tools also allow consumers to order OTC medications and other health-related products. As the industry increasingly evaluates ways to take a more holistic view of member health, we anticipate that these functionalities will become more common and robust.
  • Increasing satisfaction with health plans. When a health plan provides consumers with tools and resources to improve their health, it also increases the value that it delivers to their members.
  • Putting members in control. Along with managing their own health, many consumers also act as caregivers. With the right functionality, member tools can streamline how they manage prescriptions for dependents and/or loved ones.
  • Engaging the end user. Along with making these tools available, healthcare organizations can (and should) solicit feedback from members to ensure their solutions are truly user-friendly and optimized to generate results.

But we know this is only the beginning. As healthcare becomes more integrated, these tools will allow individuals to become even more engaged in their care – for example, the power to request prior authorizations – and give them an experience that is unique to their needs and challenges.

And, at Abarca, we can’t wait.

This blog was written by Hector Zeno, Product Owner, PBM Operations.


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