Abarcans chose the Community Organization of MS & Cancer (COMSC) to participate in the second edition of their BCCP

Jun 22, 2021

At Abarca, we are continuously challenging ourselves to do things differently and our Better Care Community Program (BCCP) is no exception. This year, Abarcans chose five not-for-profit organizations that share our commitment to finding a better way to deliver healthcare to communities that need it most. 

One of the five organizations that have been chosen to receive a grant and volunteer support as part of the BCCP 2020-21 is the Community Organization of MS and Cancer (COMSC)

As a beneficiary of the BCCP, Abarcans will aid the COMSC in its educational events and patient outreach programs aimed to support patients with multiple sclerosis and active cancer.

Abarcans chose the Community Organization of MS & Cancer (COMSC) to participate in the second edition of their BCCP
Pictured from left to right: Marta Torres, Nadya Rivera, Ginger Rivera, Jason Borschow, and Nahir González.

One of the projects aims to send a whistle to every person with Multiple Sclerosis that lives in Puerto Rico, to help them be found in case they are trapped or in danger during an earthquake or other natural disaster. They will also continue in their efforts to send necessities such as disposable diapers, wet towels, among others—to bedridden MS patients.

Another of the organization’s projects is to donate a mini portable air conditioner to at least 250 people with Multiple Sclerosis within the island—heat being one of the worst enemies of the Multiple Sclerosis condition. 

They will also continue with their successful educational campaigns so that the world knows about Multiple Sclerosis and the prevention of cancer and HPV. In addition, the COMSC wishes to carry out the first educational forum for young people where they can present research projects related to health and science about Multiple Sclerosis and HPV. 

Abarcans will have the opportunity to volunteer their time to aid the organization in their activities and initiatives, create promotions, be involved in education, as well as many other opportunities.

To learn more about the Community Organization of MS and Cancer (COMSC), visit: https://www.facebook.com/MSandCancerlNC/


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