Abarca Health: here’s what two leading national PBM auditors confirmed about Darwin™

Oct 10, 2019

A leading national PBM recently selected Darwin to serve its key clients across the United States. As part of the implementation, the PBM conducted thorough third-party audits of Darwin, our team, technology, and scalability — testing us in more than 200 real-world scenarios. Here are some of the areas where they thought Darwin excelled:

  1. Fully Integrated: Modern, scalable technology. Unlike most legacy systems, Darwin was designed from scratch to be fully integrated, user-friendly, and truly modern. The platform is cloud-based, mobile-ready, and highly customizable to fit each client’s individual needs.
  2. Superior PBM Technology: Darwin offers a superior PBM technology platform that supports Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial lines of business.
  3. Fully Automated: With Darwin, claims, rebates, payments, and invoices are all integrated into the PBM’s general ledger, making the financial cycle fully automated, and earning the platform a “Best-in-Class” rating.
  4. Real-time Analytics: Darwin was built to deliver the information that clients need to serve their members and achieve their business objectives. The platform’s reporting functions are completely customizable, allowing users the ability to do anything from drill down on five years’ worth of historical data to creating projections using predictive analytics–all in real-time.
  5. Speed: Darwin received high marks for its ability to develop and deliver solutions expeditiously, and provide support in a timely manner. As a cloud-based platform, Darwin also makes data accessible to all of its virtual call centers, making customer service inquiries convenient and efficient for clients and members.
  6. IT Support: Darwin’s team includes a full cadre of IT experts who are motivated to find more efficient and effective ways to achieve end results and/or improve delivered results.
  7. Awesome Work Culture: Darwin was founded upon six unique core values that are part of its DNA. As a result, Darwin’s team is highly motivated to deliver and improve services for their clients.
  8. Empowered Workforce: Darwin’s corporate culture is dynamic and innovative with knowledgeable, experienced, and empowered personnel driving high-performing services.



  • 100% Score on benefit builds and edits scenarios
  • 8/8 Financial processing scenarios passed
  • REAL-TIME Reporting capabilities
  • 100% Objectives met for Benefits Implementation & Administration
  • “A more user-friendly system.”

Based on Darwin’s performance against project objectives and key success measures, the auditors endorsed the partnership between Darwin and the PBM. Since then, we have collaborated closely to deliver a near-seamless roll out to the initial group of clients. As we continue to work together to serve these members, we are also evaluating the possibility of offering PBM Happiness to an even larger group of clients.

At Abarca, we are committed to going off-road with our technological solutions to outdated systems in the PBM industry. The status quo is simply not enough to live up to the demands of the new digital transformation economy. For too long the industry has been mulled down by legacy systems that lack innovation, are inefficient, inflexible, and offer little to no transparency. Darwin is our answer to this problem, offering a modern, user-friendly, and efficient platform that meets the real-time needs of the consumer.

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