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AMCP Annual Conference Recap

Last week, members of the Abarca team attended the AMCP Annual Conference in Boston. We connected with existing clients and shared information about how we are shaking up the industry with new friends.  We also introduced the world to Darwin–the latest generation of our smarter platform.

Didn’t have a chance to stop by our booth? Check out our video and photos from the event:

Abarca central during the opening night of the conference.

Francina Bonnelly was giving demos all week to celebrate the launch of Darwin.

Nayda Rivera, Dan Reedy, and Francina Bonnelly are coming out swinging!

CEO Jason Borschow introduced many conference attendees to Darwin!

David Capo presents his poster which details a care management plan Abarca implemented to help patients with Hepatitis C.

Have you met Darwin yet?

Abarca Launches Darwin, A Smarter PBM Platform

Boston, Mass. – Abarca, a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) that is disrupting the industry with a completely new approach to technology and business practices, today launched Darwin, a smarter PBM platform, at AMCP’s Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting. Darwin is a first-of-its kind technology built from the ground up by Abarca to be fully integrated and user friendly. This technology will be rolled out to Abarca’s PBM service customers and is available as a standalone software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for health plans and other PBMs. Payers of any size will now be able to implement their own turnkey PBMs powered by Darwin technology, and fully supported by Abarca’s services and expertise.

“We engineered Darwin to be modern, cloud-based, secure, flexible, and unimaginably efficient. The era of navigating disconnected legacy systems, waiting years for enhancements, and building spreadsheet-based workarounds is now over.” said Jason Borschow, Abarca’s Chief Executive Officer. “It’s hard to believe, but most of the PBM platforms used today date back more than two decades and they haven’t changed fundamentally since then.”

Darwin integrates claims processing, pharmacy network, prior authorizations, clinical programs, Medicare and Medicaid compliance, rebate management, and other critical PBM work streams into a single, fast, friendly interface. Invoicing, payments, and all other financial functions can be seamlessly integrated into a PBM’s general ledger, fully automating the accounting cycle, and dramatically reducing overhead.

Users of legacy systems know the frustrations of having to toggle between programs and screens, retyping data, coding tables and drug lists, and waiting for upgrades and fixes to address basic business and compliance needs. Darwin ends these drains on accuracy, productivity, and morale. The platform is cloud-based, mobile friendly, secure, permission based, and point-and-click easy.

For Medicare and Medicaid plans, Darwin is a game changer. Clinical management tools, deep analytics, and compliance support are integrated with automated letter generation, outbound IVR, and care management workflows to increase member engagement and improve star ratings, without adding man hours. It helped one plan go from two to five stars in just two years.

At AMCP, Abarca was selected to present the results of a program in which, using Darwin, it was able to help one health plan reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of treating Hepatitis C. Using Darwin’s advanced analytics and member and physician engagement programs – Abarca increased the percentage of people who stayed on their doctor-prescribed therapy to 94.6% and sustained virologic response, or control of the disease, to 99.4%. This also led to patients and the health plan saving over $1.3 million.

Abarca is a different kind of company and a different kind of PBM. It focuses on delivering a better experience for members and plans, and every single employee is committed to a higher standard of business practices. Abarca was founded more than a decade ago, many PBMs are still using technologies that were already aging when they got into business. They designed their technology from scratch and built it in-house. It is modern, flexible, intuitive, and powerful, and the perfect solution for a PBM or health insurer that wants its own customizable platform but doesn’t have the time, appetite, or expertise to develop one themselves.

“No plan or PBM should endure legacy systems anymore,” concluded Borschow. “It’s time for a better way.”

AMCP Nexus Recap

Last month, members of the Abarca team attended AMCP Nexus. We spent three exhilarating days meeting with attendees, conducting demos, and sharing the Abarca story with the best and brightest in the industry.

Didn’t have a chance to stop by our booth? Check out our video and photos from the event:


Abarca home base at AMCP Nexus, ready for the conference to begin


Call him a CEO for discussion purposes, but Jason Borschow does it all


When we say we’re coming out swinging, we mean it!


VP, Client & Pharmacy Partnerships, Rebecca Sabnani: “When you view your clients as partners and consider their success your own, you can accomplish unimaginable things together. It’s all about commitment.”


The revolution starts here.


Samir Mistry leveraged his pharmacy industry experience to make meaningful connections with AMCP Nexus attendees


Thanks to our Abarca team for a great conference!


The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) is the nation’s leading professional association dedicated to increasing patient access to affordable medicines, improving health outcomes and ensuring the wise use of health care dollars. This year’s AMCP Nexus explored perhaps the most transformative change taking place in health care: how we pay for health care – and the emergence of value as the defining factor and goal.

Abarca Announces the Release of RxTarget, Puerto Rico’s First Predictive Analytics Tool to Improve CMS Star Ratings for Medication Adherence and High-Risk Medications (HRM)

San Juan, PRAbarca, a leading provider of health information technology and pharmacy benefit management (PBM) solutions, is pleased to announce that it has released RxTarget, an internally developed predictive analytics tool that enables Plans to efficiently focus interventions on those beneficiaries most likely to positively impact CMS Star Ratings for Medication Adherence and HRM.

This web-based application provides a customizable dashboard that accounts for over forty distinct data elements. It incorporates Abarca’s proprietary clinical decision-making algorithms to provide a tailored view of beneficiaries and prescriber lists ranked by intervention priority, updated daily as well as other clinically relevant information to support the intervention. Plans and providers use RxTarget to focus their clinical outreach efforts and limited resources on those beneficiaries and prescribers of highest value in meeting CMS Star Rating Adherence and HRM thresholds for the year.

At Abarca our tools provide you with the timely insight you need to cost effectively improve CMS Star Ratings performance and secure improved health outcomes for your beneficiaries.

Abarca awarded 1st place in Microsoft’s 2009 Tech Challenge Competition

San Juan, PRAbarca was awarded 1st place in Microsoft’s 2009 Tech Challenge Competition for preparing a BI solution initially used at Pharmacy Insurance Corporation of America (PICA). Abarca’s BI solution was evaluated by a team of industry experts against a set of criteria that included the tool’s conceptual design, functionalities, technological complexity, and its business impact in terms of ROI. Abarca’s BI solution earned a score of 47 out of 50 possible points—the highest score attained by any competitor.

Abarca’s tool was developed by the company’s very own IT staff leveraging Microsoft latest database technologies. The main features of Abarca’s BI platform are its intuitive report-authoring capabilities for end-users and its seamless integration with other applications. Most importantly, the result of the new BI platform is increased productivity for Abarca and its customers. With these tools and our excellent IT staff, Abarca prides itself on helping its partners extract valuable knowledge from their data to empower them to make better business decisions.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Abarca’s BI service offerings.