A Higher Standard

Rising drug costs fuel interest in value-based contracts

Prescription drugs are on their way to eating up the biggest slice of Puerto Rico’s $3.4 billion Medicaid budget. To head off rising costs, the island turned to what is still a relatively new trend in the pharmaceutical world —...



Common conditions impacting Medicare beneficiaries

As of 2018, nearly 60 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare. Most beneficiaries are age 65 or older, but younger members can qualify if they have certain disabilities or end-stage renal disease. Given their age and pre-existing conditions, members of...


Abarca Health: Common conditions impacting Medicare beneficiaries

Abarca Health: Prepared for a pandemic

THE CHALLENGE As a company with offices in Puerto Rico and South Florida, Abarca has navigated more than its fair share of unforeseen events. That’s why we’ve engrained a culture of preparedness within our organization, and built a foundation that...


Abarca Health: Prepared for the pandemic

The meaning of love

We’ve heard it countless times: Healthcare is broken in the US. It costs too much; it is overly complex; and we are no healthier and we live no longer than people who live in other countries where it costs a...


Abarca Health treats their people with love and care.

Like Family values

When you compare corporate values that are held up by many healthcare organizations, you will see a lot of repetition. Words like honesty, integrity, accountability, and teamwork find their way onto a seemingly endless number of websites and job descriptions....


Abarca Health is living their values in healthcare.

Treating their people well: Abarca Health’s Cornerstone

Sometimes, employment benefits, beyond contributing to a sense of belonging and well-being for employees within an organization, can be turned into a concrete business strategy. Few companies better exemplify this philosophy than the Puerto Rican company Abarca Health, which in...


Abarca Health_Best Employers 2020

An introduction to the Part D Senior Savings Model

In 2019, the average Medicare Part D beneficiary with diabetes spent just over $1,140 per year on insulin--or roughly $95/month. For members who are living on a fixed income, and are likely to have other chronic conditions, these high out-of-pocket...


Abarca Health_An introduction to the Part D Senior Savings Model

Improving Medication Access in Puerto Rico

For many, having prescriptions delivered at their home is not just a convenience, it’s a necessity. Lack of mobility, access to transportation, and other social determinants impact the health of members and increase costs for health plans. To address these...


Abarca Improving Medication Access in Puerto Rico