A Higher Standard

How we’re helping plans improve adherence amid COVID-19

Over the past year, we have seen adherence numbers trending upwards for one of our Medicare clients in Puerto Rico. Under normal circumstances, these numbers are impressive but, seeing this year-over-year growth amid a worldwide pandemic when people have been...


improve member experience

An introduction to biosimilars

Biologic therapies provide life-saving treatments to patients with chronic conditions. However, they are also among the country’s most expensive medications. While just 2% of the US patient population uses biologics, they account for 26% percent of the nation’s total prescription...



Help Abarca spread awareness on PTSD

June 27th is PTSD Awareness Day, and Abarca goes all in to bring to light some of the symptoms, signs, and treatment options for this mental health disorder. Although PTSD has been most commonly known to affect war veterans, anyone...


Abarca Health_PTSD Awareness Day

Abarca goes all-in to promote National Men’s Health Week

On the 15th-21st of June, the world celebrates Men’s Health Week. During this week, communities around the globe bring awareness to health issues that especially affect men, focusing on getting them to become more aware of problems they may have...


Abarca Health_Men's Health Week

Abarcans are Raising Awareness for Multiple Sclerosis

Abarcans stand with the nearly 2.3 million people worldwide living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) every day, almost one million of which live right here in the United States. We strongly believe that bringing awareness to MS is necessary for providing...


Abarcans Bringing Visibility to Multiple Sclerosis: Change the future, find your MS Connections

Strengthening Abarca’s internal structure

We’re making good on our promise to provide a smarter platform, a better experience, and a higher standard. PBMs and plans across the country are now experiencing what we call “PBM Awesome,” and demand for our solutions is on the...


Abarca Health strengthens internal structure

PBMs and the Run on Hydroxychloroquine

Leading pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) say the initial flood of demand for the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, sparked by suggestions from the White House that it was an effective treatment for COVID-19, finally is showing some signs of easing. This has...


PBMs and the Run on Hydroxychloroquine