A Higher Standard

Abarcan Interns IGNITE Growth and Possibility for the Future

San Juan, PR - Last week marked the end of our first official internship program, Abarca IGNITE, coordinated by our Talent Strategy division. We called our interns Sparks because we believe they are the small fiery particles necessary to ignite...


Abarca Ignite Internship Program

Building a Culture of Preparedness

San Juan, PR - National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) is an annual observance held in August to highlight the benefits of vaccination for people of all ages. As part of our unrelenting commitment to providing a better way in healthcare,...


National Immunization Awareness Month

5 ways to make sure your employees feel valued

As the labor market becomes more skilled, and remote working opens the door to be employed from anywhere in the world, companies must find new ways to attract and retain talent. Sure, that includes offering competitive benefits and salaries. However,...


Mercibel Gonzalez

Divide and conquer.

For many plan sponsors, managing effective clinical programs for diverse populations can be a challenge. Among any group, there can be wide variations in ages, lifestyles, medical conditions, and other factors that can influence costs and outcomes. Gaps in care...


Abarca Health: Divide and Conquer

4 Trends That Will Shape Healthcare

Big changes are coming for the PBM industry, and we think it’s about time. Here are four key areas that could have a lasting impact: Rebates have always been a part of how PBMs do business—but these transactions as we...


Jason Borschow presents on trends that will shape healthcare

Abarcans Bringing Visibility to MS Every Day of the Year

San Juan, PR – May 30th marked the World Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Day and Abarcans wore orange and as part of the worldwide effort to bring visibility to the nearly 2.5 million people living with this condition everyday. We at...


Abarca Health: Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Day

Combating Renal Disease in Puerto Rico

San Juan, PR - Did you know that every thirty minutes your body’s kidneys (each the size of a child’s fist) filter all the blood in your body --removing wastes, toxins, and excess fluid? They also help control blood pressure,...


Abarca Health: Renal Council

Abarcans Humbled by Cena a Ciegas Blind Dinner Experience

San Juan, PR - Abarcans are always stepping outside of their comfort zone, continually challenging themselves to better understand the conditions and issues afflicting the patients they serve. As part of this humble effort, Abarcans participated in Cena a Ciegas,...


Abarca Health: Cena a Ciegas