A Higher Standard

Jason Borschow shares insights on hiring at scale

This month, Jason Borschow, Abarca’s president and CEO, was invited to discuss trending topics in hiring on The Multiplier Effect podcast. In the 30 minute episode, Jason shared best practices for building an authentic company culture and employer brand, and...


Jason Borschow speaks at Ace 11

What’s all the fuss about prior authorizations?: FAQs

Over the past few years, prior authorizations (PAs) have been in the headlines, examined by Federal and state governments, and hotly debated in the industry. Here’s the background: What is a prior authorization? Prior authorizations are a methodology used by...


What’s all the fuss about prior authorizations: FAQs

Remote work, one year later

It is hard to believe it’s been more than a year since the COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. We entered this challenging time under a cloud of uncertainty and anxiety around what might happen next. What was the best way...


Abarca Health: What we learned from remote work

Leading Successful Multigenerational Organizations

At Abarca, we believe that to lead a successful multi-generational organization, the work culture language must be designed in a way that speaks to people from all generations. That is why we built our culture with a definite purpose and...


Abarca Health: Leading Successful Multigenerational Organizations

Emerging trends from AMCP 2021

Last month, members of our team attended AMCP 2021 to engage in the industry discussion regarding the latest trends in managed care. Here are some of the issues they found the most impactful: 1. Advancements are being made in outcomes-based...


Abarca Health: Emerging trends from AMCP 2021

Javier Gonzalez discusses value-based agreements on MedCity INVEST panel

This month, Javier Gonzalez, PharmD, Abarca’s Chief Growth Officer, was selected to speak about value-based agreements on a panel at the MedCity INVEST Conference. The panel, “The Opportunities and Challenges in Value-Based Contracting,” was led by Delphine O’Rourke, Partner at...


Javier Gonzalez discusses value-based agreements on MedCity INVEST panel

Engaging pharmacies to increase adherence for Medicare members

BACKGROUND Maintaining member adherence requires careful coordination between health plans, providers, and PBMs. Too often, however, pharmacies are left without the resources they need to make a meaningful impact. As COVID-19 brings new challenges to adherence, engaging pharmacies in member...



How to prepare for a CMS audit

CMS audits assess Medicare plan sponsors’ compliance with a number of core program requirements, chief among them is the plan’s ability to provide its members with access to medically necessary services and prescription drugs. Audit scores and enforcement actions resulting...


Abarca Health: How health plans can prepare for a CMS audit

Abarca celebrates 15 years of growth and innovation

SAN JUAN, PR -  When they set out to start what they call “a revolution” in the healthcare industry in 2006, the Puerto Rican company, Abarca, knew that the journey ahead would be full of challenges and learning. 15 years...


Abarca celebrates 15 years of growth and innovation