A Higher Standard

Members are More than Just a Number.

Exciting developments are emerging in the industry that will challenge the “one size fits most” standard of care we’ve become too accustomed to. Here are three trends that we think will make a significant impact: 1. Social Needs Strategies It...


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Combating the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is one of the greatest public health threats to confront the American people. The CDC estimates that opioids claimed nearly 50,000 lives in 2017 alone. That number has been steadily rising for more than fifteen years. How...


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Leadership Starts by Putting People First.

People are the driving force behind any organization. They set the tone for everything, from business development and what programs are offered to company culture and employee engagement. In my nearly 20 years working with some of America’s most recognizable...


"Leaders put people first"- Sonymarie Socarras

Abarca Holds Immersive Compliance & Ethics Week

At Abarca, we have a culture of higher standards and doing the right thing, always. It applies to everything we do: pricing, operations, contracting, interactions with our clients, members, and each other….EVERYTHING. But nowhere is this more important than in...


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How We Prepare for the Unexpected

In 2017, Hurricane Maria shook Puerto Rico. The storm damaged at least 70,000 homes, tested the island’s infrastructure, and took too many lives. As one of the leading PBMs serving health plans in Puerto Rico, Abarca knew that we had...


What’s Next for Medication Reconciliation?

According to NCQA, 82% of all adults in the United States take at least one medication. Nearly one-third of that population takes five or more. Whether these medications are prescription, over the counter, or supplements, they need to be properly...


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Abarca Presented at Forward Research & Innovation Summit

In November, Abarca exhibited two posters at the 2018 Forward Research & Innovation Summit in San Juan. The presentations detailed some of Abarca’s most impactful patient initiatives, including their award-winning medication therapy management (MTM) program. The marquee event for science,...


Preparing for 2020 Specialty Drug Spend

For most of us, the end of the year is a time of reflection. But it is also a time for thinking ahead and thinking anew. At Abarca, we very deliberately take the fourth quarter of the year to assess...


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2018 AMCP NEXUS Recap

Last week, our team attended the 2018 AMCP NEXUS conference in Orlando to introduce industry leaders to Darwin, learn new strategies to make healthcare awesome, and celebrate our new partnership with PerformRx! From champagne toasts and fresh juices to demos...