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4 Trends That Will Shape Healthcare

Big changes are coming for the PBM industry, and we think it’s about time. Here are four key areas that could have a lasting impact: Rebates have always been a part of how PBMs do business—but these transactions as we...


Jason Borschow presents on trends that will shape healthcare

Abarca Announces its Better Care Program Participants

San Juan, PR – More than 8,000 people will benefit from projects led by the four non-profit organizations that we at Abarca collectively selected as partners of our Better Care Community Program. The innovative program supports the efforts of health-related...


Breaking down the proposed safe harbor changes.

Policymakers in Washington are proposing a change in the way that money flows between pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacy benefit managers, health plans, and even consumers. Although these new rules only apply to government programs -- Medicare and Medicaid -- they could...


pharmacy benefit management

Biosimilars and Bad Behavior

Specialty medications used to treat cancer, hepatitis, and other complicated diseases are among the greatest drivers of healthcare costs in the US. And while these medications represent a very small percentage of the total number of prescriptions written, they account...


Javier Gonzalez, PharmD

Trusted Health Plan Selects Abarca to Manage Pharmacy Benefits

Washington, DC — Trusted Health Plan (THP), a Medicaid managed healthcare organization serving members in Washington, D.C., today announced it has entered into a new, multi-year partnership with Abarca to provide pharmacy benefit management (PBM) solutions driven by Abarca’s advanced,...


pharmacy benefit management

Delivering an Awesome Corporate Culture

At Abarca, we never settle for the status quo. That extends to every aspect of our business, including how we manage our team of nearly 300 Abarcans, and counting. In fact, we don’t even have a human resources department. Instead,...


Mercibel Gonzalez

Abarca Selected to Present Disaster Preparation Program

Abarca was selected to present at “Caribbean Strong: Building Resilience with Equity,” a summit that focused on lessons that businesses learned from two catastrophic hurricanes that hit the region in 2017. The presentation detailed Abarca’s disaster preparation and response plan...


Ana Rivera represented Abarca and presented on the company's disaster preparation program

Abarca Leads Session on PBM Technology at PBMI National Conference

Palm Springs, CA - Jason Borschow, Abarca’s CEO, was selected to lead the session “PBM Technology: Stuck in the past or changing the future” at the 2019 PBMI’s National Conference in Palm Springs, CA. The interactive presentation discussed the current...


Jason Borschow, Abarca's CEO, led a session on PBM technology at PBMI's National Conference

Always Prepared

THE CHALLENGE The frequency and severity of natural disasters appears to be increasing. In 2017 alone, the U.S. experienced 16 separate billion-dollar disasters. These natural disasters can devastate communities and make prescription medications inaccessible to patients that rely on them....


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