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Abarcans are Raising Awareness for Multiple Sclerosis

Abarcans stand with the nearly 2.3 million people worldwide living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) every day, almost one million of which live right here in the United States. We strongly believe that bringing awareness to MS is necessary for providing...


Abarcans Bringing Visibility to Multiple Sclerosis: Change the future, find your MS Connections

PBMs and the Run on Hydroxychloroquine

Leading pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) say the initial flood of demand for the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, sparked by suggestions from the White House that it was an effective treatment for COVID-19, finally is showing some signs of easing. This has...


PBMs and the Run on Hydroxychloroquine

Be prepared.

We've all heard some saying around "always be prepared." In today's technology-driven, fast-paced world, we're often too busy, and our inboxes are too full to plan for something that may never happen. Then the unexpected hits and many companies are...


Abarca_Building a team that can thrive amid the unexpected

What People with Asthma Need to Know About COVID-19

May is Asthma Awareness Month, one of the most common lifelong chronic diseases in the U.S. with more than 25 million Americans living with it. As the world faces the biggest health emergency of modern time, the outbreak of the...


Abarca_May is Asthma Awareness Month

Making healthcare simple, seamless, and personal

Since 2012, Abarca and Triple-S have worked together to create new ways to increase medication adherence and improve the experience for members. Recently, however, the partnership undertook an entirely different approach toward improving access to quality healthcare -- Innovation Design Thinking. This...


Abarca and Triple-S have worked together to create new ways to increase medication adherence and improve the experience for members.

Puerto Rico Lifts Barriers to Hepatitis C Treatment Access for Managed Care

Nearly 2.4 million Americans are living with the Hepatitis C Virus, it being the country’s deadliest infectious disease. Despite this reality, many state Medicaid programs have several discriminatory restrictions in place that keep Americans from accessing Hepatitis C treatment and...


Abarca Health_Puerto Rico Lifts Barriers to Accessing Hepatitis C Treatment