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A vaccine for Parkinson’s Disease?

Last year, the first data was published from a clinical trial evaluating a vaccine for Parkinson’s Disease. While the multi-year study was relatively small, the results could be big for the healthcare industry and millions of people around the world...


Abarca Health: A vaccine for Parkinson’s Disease?

Abarca brings Awareness to Viral Hepatitis: Hepatitis Can’t Wait

Every year, World Hepatitis Day represents an opportunity for communities worldwide to come together under a single theme to raise awareness of viral hepatitis. This year, the theme is ‘Hepatitis Can’t Wait’ Abarca calls on the healthcare community to take...


Abarca brings Awareness to Viral Hepatitis Awareness: Hepatitis Can't Wait

Introducing Abarca’s new pharmacy portal

Pharmacists and their teams play a critical role in member health. However, making a meaningful impact requires access to advanced tools and timely resources.  That’s why Abarca has launched a brand new pharmacy portal. This convenient, centralized, one-stop platform will...


What’s all the fuss about prior authorizations?: FAQs

Over the past few years, prior authorizations (PAs) have been in the headlines, examined by Federal and state governments, and hotly debated in the industry. Here’s the background: What is a prior authorization? Prior authorizations are a methodology used by...


What’s all the fuss about prior authorizations: FAQs