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Jason Borschow shares insights on hiring at scale

This month, Jason Borschow, Abarca’s president and CEO, was invited to discuss trending topics in hiring on The Multiplier Effect podcast. In the 30 minute episode, Jason shared best practices for building an authentic company culture and employer brand, and...


Jason Borschow speaks at Ace 11

The meaning of love

We’ve heard it countless times: Healthcare is broken in the US. It costs too much; it is overly complex; and we are no healthier and we live no longer than people who live in other countries where it costs a...


Abarca Health treats their people with love and care.

Treating their people well: Abarca Health’s Cornerstone

Sometimes, employment benefits, beyond contributing to a sense of belonging and well-being for employees within an organization, can be turned into a concrete business strategy. Few companies better exemplify this philosophy than the Puerto Rican company Abarca Health, which in...


Abarca Health_Best Employers 2020

Welcome, Anthony Bury

We are thrilled to welcome Anthony Bury to the Abarca family. As Vice President, IT Operations and CISO, Anthony will be overseeing all aspects of the organization’s technology infrastructure and will be responsible for ensuring the availability, integrity, and security...


Anthony Bury_ Vice President, IT Operations and CISO

Strengthening Abarca’s internal structure

We’re making good on our promise to provide a smarter platform, a better experience, and a higher standard. PBMs and plans across the country are now experiencing what we call “PBM Awesome,” and demand for our solutions is on the...


Abarca Health strengthens internal structure

Abarca Health Case Study: Lessons learned from Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Last week at the AMCP Nexus Conference, Abarca Senior Pharmacist, Ana Rivera and Suzette Velez, Director of Clinical Services, had an incredible time presenting Abarca's unique understanding of the effect disasters have on the availability of prescription drugs, medication adherence,...


Abarca Health Case Study: Lessons learned from Hurricanes Irma and Maria