Large Insurers & PBMs

Many legacy PBMs developed their platforms a decade or more ago, and have stuck with them. This means that for large insurers and PBMs looking for a platform to utilize, the options are limited and generally outdated, inflexible, and unfriendly. We don’t think like a legacy PBM and Darwin™, our smarter platform, proves it. We built Darwin™ in-house from scratch and designed it to be modern, flexible, intuitive, and powerful.

Abarca’s technology is the perfect solution for a PBM or plan that needs its own platform but doesn’t have the time, appetite, or expertise to develop one itself.

Today, one of the most trusted pharmacy benefit managers in the nation is deploying our engine to serve a large, nationwide health plan, with plans to roll it out to all of its customers shortly.


Fast & flexible.

Implement and change complex benefit designs on the fly. Keep up with ever-changing compliance requirements. All without coding hassles and delays.


Redundant & rock solid.

Our platform has been tested under the most challenging conditions and stood strong.


Anywhere, anytime.

Mobile access to a PBM platform? It’s unheard of for most in the industry. But we just don’t think like the rest of the industry.


Intuitive & user-friendly.

Using a PBM platform shouldn’t be rocket science. It should be efficient and intuitive. We designed ours to satisfy the needs of end users and members, not programmers.


Honestly better analytics.

PBMs are often long on promises about their analytics but short on visualizing meaningful data in a simplified mode. Our easy-to-interpret dashboards are in a different class. Understand your cost drivers down to condition and member. Know which members are impactable and how to improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

When you have something this good, we have to share it. We offer our advanced PBM technology platform as a service to large health plans and PBMs. It’s a turnkey solution with significant member, operational, and cost benefits. Learn more in our case study.



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Why can’t healthcare be seamless and personalized for everyone? We say it can. And we are making it so for millions of consumers across America and the plan sponsors that serve them. Join us!

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