Care Management in the times of COVID-19

In today's new healthcare environment transformed by the COVID-19 outbreak, the patient's needs have inherently changed, making care management more critical than ever before. At present, it's estimated that 1 in 4 Americans live with multiple chronic conditions, making the...


Abarca Health: Care Management in the times of Covid-19

What people with asthma need to know about COVID-19

May is Asthma Awareness Month, one of the most common lifelong chronic diseases in the U.S. with more than 25 million Americans living with it. As the world faces the biggest health emergency of modern time, the outbreak of the...


Abarca_May is Asthma Awareness Month

What to know about stocking up on medications

As precautionary quarantines become an essential part of combating coronavirus, it’s not uncommon to feel a desire to stock up on critical items for your home--like canned goods or toilet paper. For many, medications are another necessity--but there are some...


Abarca_What to know about stocking up on medications during social distancing


Given the recent declarations of a national emergency and our concern for all Abarcans, clients, and members, all Abarcans will be working remotely, starting today, Monday, March 16th, except for some límited roles. Rest assured that our services will continue...


Abarca_Covid19 Action Plan

CORONAVIRUS: What should I know?

Abarca goes all in to bring awareness to Covid-19 as reliable information becomes available, so that our communities may be prepared. Read on for valuable answers to FAQs about how it's spread, symptoms, and vital preventive measures that all of...


Abarca Health: What should I know about the Coronavirus?