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Darwin™ makes pharmacy benefit management easy. Unlike legacy systems that are the product of years of patches, fixes, and afterthoughts, Darwin™ was designed from scratch to be fully integrated and unimaginably user-friendly. Here’s how:

PBM happiness.

Now, claims, network, clinical, financial, compliance, and rebate information are all integrated into a single, user-friendly interface. No more re-typing data between systems, toggling between screens, or refreshing, and rebooting. We designed Darwin™ with the belief that if it needs a loading bar, it’s too slow.  Darwin is fast.

Anywhere, any device.

Sure, you could say Darwin™ has its head in the clouds. This platform is cloud-based, mobile-ready, super secure, and permission-based, so that information can be accessed in real-time, by the right people, anywhere, on any device.

a smarter pharmacy benefit management platform


End-to-end financials.

Through Darwin™, claims, rebates, payments, and invoices are all integrated into the PBM’s general ledger—making the financial cycle fully automated and fast. The era of big spreadsheets workarounds is now over. The work of dozens of operations staff can now be done by a single, very smart platform.

Analytics reimagined.

Forget everything you know about analytics. Darwin ™ delivers analytics that are meaningful, visual, and self-serving. Access five years of data to understand the past, or use predictive analytics to see the future. The days of depending on business intelligence to run query after query to get ad-hoc reports are over.

Made with Medicare & Medicaid compliance in mind.

By fully integrating clinical tools, in-depth analytics, and member engagement, Darwin™ can take you on a quick ride to five stars. In fact, recently it took one plan from two to five stars in just two years.

Clinical Suite.

From formulary to medication therapy management, Darwin™ integrates a rich suite of clinical tools to increase member engagement and adherence. Workflow is streamlined through automated member outreach letters and IVR calls, and case management features are built in so more members are effectively engaged by far fewer FTE.

Legacy PBM platforms are so yesterday. Contact us and see what tomorrow looks like.


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