We’re igniting a revolution in healthcare.

Abarca rejects old-school pharmacy benefit management thinking and technology to deliver:

A smarter platform that’s flexible and easy to use. Change benefit designs on the fly; answer questions from members, pharmacies, and management quickly and accurately; and access business intelligence that is actually intelligent. This isn’t what most people expect from a PBM, but we think it’s time to expect more.


A better experience for payers, pharmacists and members. We reimagined everything from payer workflow to member engagement because a trip to the pharmacy should be a positive experience for the plan, pharmacy staff, and member.


A higher standard. We think everyone should know what they are paying for and how much they are saving. And they should feel good about the value they receive.


Founded more than a decade ago, today Abarca serves more than two and a half million Americans and manages more than two billion dollars in prescription spend.

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