Abarca hosts business leaders as they exchange ideas

On February 9th, Puerto Rico’s most influential and inspiring business leaders came together to share ideas and hear from international business visionary Anthony Iannarino. The event brought together leaders from different organizations, industries, and expertise, but at the end of the day we all shared the same goals: learning, exchanging ideas, and developing meaningful connections.  

Relationships really do matter, and this was an opportunity for members of our business community to establish even stronger bonds.

The event, hosted by Abarca, consisted of two sessions. The first, a luncheon for CEOs from around the island, discussed Anthony Iannarino’s “10 Rules for Transforming Organizations In a World of Constant, Accelerating, Disruptive Change.” The business community of Puerto Rico continues to be a shining example of how to navigate change, and we enjoyed a lively exchange of experiences.

Later, Anthony and Abarca CEO Jason Borschow were joined by business leaders to discuss the importance of establishing more meaningful connections and building lifetime relationships based on value and trust.

The event concluded with lively break-out sessions and a networking cocktail reception.

We look forward to our building on the momentum of this meeting and look forward to moving forward together to create the brightest and most promising future for our families, for our organizations and for our Island. Check out or photos from the event:


Anthony Iannario shares his signature tactics for business

During break-out sessions, attendees discussed the day’s sessions and shared ideas for success

Abarca CEO Jason Borschow kicks off the day by introducing Anthony Iannarino

Business leaders take the stage to discuss their experiences

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