A Better Way

Abarcans Bringing Visibility to MS Every Day of the Year

San Juan, PR – May 30th marked the World Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Day, and as part of the worldwide effort to bring visibility to the nearly 2.5 million people living with condition everyday, Abarcans wore orange. We at Abarca believe...


Abarca Announces its Better Care Program Participants

San Juan, PR – More than 8,000 people will benefit from projects led by the four non-profit organizations that we at Abarca collectively selected as partners of our Better Care Community Program. The innovative program supports the efforts of health-related...


Together We can Help Power a Better Way for our Communities

San Juan, PR - All of us Abarcans are hard-wired to believe that healthcare can be awesome. As we have found out during the evaluation and selection phase of the ten finalist organizations for the Better Care Community Program, we...


Biosimilars and Bad Behavior

Specialty medications used to treat cancer, hepatitis, and other complicated diseases are among the greatest drivers of healthcare costs in the US. And while these medications represent a very small percentage of the total number of prescriptions written, they account...


Javier Gonzalez, PharmD

Delivering an Awesome Corporate Culture

At Abarca, we never settle for the status quo. That extends to every aspect of our business, including how we manage our team of nearly 300 Abarcans, and counting. In fact, we don’t even have a human resources department. Instead,...


Mercibel Gonzalez

Adriana Ramirez to Present at Puerto Rico Investment Summit

San Juan, PR— Adriana Ramirez, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer at Abarca, has been selected to present at the Puerto Rico Investment Summit. Her session, “Island Innovators: How a San Juan Company is Disrupting the Mainland Market,” details Abarca’s mission;...


Adriana Ramirez investment summit presentation

Members are More than Just a Number.

Exciting developments are emerging in the industry that will challenge the “one size fits most” standard of care we’ve become too accustomed to. Here are three trends that we think will make a significant impact: 1. Social Needs Strategies It...


patients and members large insurer and pbm health information technology against stigmatizing

Combating the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is one of the greatest public health threats to confront the American people. The CDC estimates that opioids claimed nearly 50,000 lives in 2017 alone. That number has been steadily rising for more than fifteen years. How...


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How to Win the Patient Trifecta

At Abarca, we believe that healthcare can be awesome—and we are in constant pursuit of new ways to make that possible. We are using innovative contracting agreements with pharmaceutical manufacturers to bring a new level of accountability to prescription benefits....


Achieving the patient trifecta