Healthcare Providers

abarca health leverages its PBM processing and systems development capabilities to serve a variety of healthcare providers including pharmacies, hospitals, health systems, and physicians. The flexibility of our proprietary transaction processor enables us to develop customized, yet cost-effective medication programs for pharmacy chains and other providers seeking to offer benefit programs directly to their patients. Our custom business intelligence offerings help providers such as integrated health systems ask and answer the right questions about the cost-effectiveness and quality of the healthcare they provide. As systems integrators, we bring together best-in-class technology packages from around the world and help our provider customers implement these solutions in turnkey, professionally managed projects.

Sample Client: Farmacias Aliadas, Inc.
Description: 50-store Alliance of Independent Pharmacies
Solution: Prescription Savings Club

abarca health worked with Farmacias Aliadas to design and implement a turnkey customized prescription discount program known as Club de Recetas Farmacias Aliadas. We provided support in formulary development, program design, and implementation. We modified the business rules of our transaction processor to take into account the unique benefit design required by Farmacias Aliadas, which is based on fixed quantities of medications instead of days supply. We also developed a web-based enrollment and reporting platform in order to allow the chain of affiliated pharmacies to enroll new members real-time, monitor membership trends, manage its formularies, measure profitability, facilitate internal accounting and support ongoing program adjustments. Our solution helped our customer serve its patients better and compete more effectively in the market.