Business Principles


We strive to add sustainable value to our clients through transparent and customized health information technology and clinical solutions. 

We are committed to transparent relationships with our clients and we are proactive in sharing our knowledge, experience, and resources with them. We believe an educated and empowered client is essential to a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship.

We believe the role of the PBM is not to be a broker of medications. Instead, a PBM is a fiduciary and advisor that must first and foremost represent the interests of its clients.

We leverage our people and technology to partner with our clients in collaborative and transparent relationships focused on short and long term cost containment, health care quality improvement, and beneficiary satisfaction. 


Our goal is to help our clients maximize the quality and performance of their pharmacy programs—to achieve the best health outcomes for beneficiaries at the most affordable cost. 

We firmly believe that by pursuing our corporate vision of making healthcare more affordable, easier to access and of higher quality we can help transform people’s lives by allowing them to focus more productive energy and resources on education, work, and family. 

Our solutions rely on the ideas and effort of dozens of healthcare and technology professionals. 

We are continually researching and developing new approaches to improve health outcomes through effective medication therapies and innovative technological ideas. 


We are committed to finding, hiring, and retaining the very best person for every job at abarca health.

Our greatest assets are our people who collaboratively develop and improve our suite of PBM software applications and clinical improvement strategies, and leverage them to empower our customers with the knowledge they need to make the right decision at the right time. 

The people of abarca health—employees, leadership, and ownership alike—have a strong and continually growing commitment to our home and to all the communities we serve. 

Our people are especially proud to contribute to improving the quality and affordability of health care in our home island of Puerto Rico. We strive to offer attractive professional and economic development opportunities to hard working and qualified candidates. We believe our success and the success of those around us go hand in hand.


We are continually working to develop new products and services in anticipation of the dynamic market environment and the rapidly changing needs of our clients.

We offer world class technology and business intelligence platforms that empower our clients to make timely, value-adding decisions regarding the performance of their pharmacy programs. 

We are committed to being an innovative and entrepreneurial company that is defined by uncompromising corporate discipline and integrity. 

We strive to be viewed as true and trusted partners by all the entities that we work with on a day-to-day basis. We are often privy to sensitive information due to our close relationships with clients and key business partners.  To breach our partners’ trust, accidentally or knowingly, is never acceptable.